Suri Seymour
Racial Justice Strategist & Coach 

Originally (and always) from Brooklyn, NY, Suri has over 10 years of experience as a social and racial justice facilitator, coach, and strategist. She has experience working in the restaurant industry, higher education, non-profits, within the criminal justice system, and consults nationally across sectors. "She enjoys supporting people to identify and institutionalize policies, practices and habits rooted in justice and equity"

One critical component of her work is to imagine new ways of being and doing that are not responsive to systems of oppression, while acting against the present harms they cause.

As a white, queer cis-woman who is committed to the daily practice of anti-racism, she offers ongoing reflection and radical self-love, critical questioning, compassionate accountability, and shifting behaviors as some ways to disrupt the multi-headed hydra of white supremacy. She does this work for herself and with others, and has learned to lean into “being softer on people and harder on systems” (learned from Derek Hall)

Suri is a mom/step-mom/foster mom and partner. She is a daughter and a sister. And she is a friend. She loves to cook AND eat, go to the movies by herself, listen to music loud, travel whenever possible, and have wandering adventures.