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Ngozi Taffe, 
Board Treasurer,
and Chair of Finance Committee

Ngozi Taffe is the Assistant Vice President for Global Affairs at UCONN, and she is a three-time Alumni of the University of Connecticut. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems, an MBA and is working on completing her doctorate degree in Leadership and Education Policy. Her research interests focus on factors that enable persistence among minority students.  Prior to returning to the University, she spent 18 years of her career working in Corporate America in various positions of increased responsibility.

Ngozi believes our greatest assets are in the richness and diversity of our collective experiences. She encourages people to find and use their voices in spaces where voices are muted. Understanding the lifelong benefits of a quality education, Ngozi is thrilled to partner with Re-center to ensure all members of our society have equitable access to learning and educational outcomes.  She believes Re-Centers work is critical in driving change in our educational systems

In her spare time, when not engaged in her research work, Ngozi enjoys gardening, facilitating discussion groups, and  traveling with her husband and two daughters to various destinations on her bucket list.

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