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Racial Justice Strategist & Coach (Consultant)

ANYANWU says she is Human first and activist second .. and then with joy shares The JUNGLE raised me, Yeee! She's referencing the village functioning community in Marin City, CA , traditionally a home of Black Liberators in the Bay Area. ANYANWU claims the ways of her Jamaican Elders, Activists and Coaches of Marin City, Pan African Studies and Human Rights Professors at CSUN and University of San Francisco and Teaching Healers of Indigenous practices raised her.

Evolving as aa spirit led resistor utilizing Indigenous wisdom and practical systemic knowledge she has led the implementation of racial equity training for thousands of educators and youth across the US. She sustains supporting collective learning, connectivity and action when interrupting systemic bias’ and -isms by providing trauma-informed development training, coaching, and in-depth community partnerships. With 20+ years of experience in Education, Youth Development and Social Justice work she has been highlighted in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, Featured on Forbes, and her work has been requested by both the NYC Dept. of Youth & Community Development and the Department of Education.

After exploring organizational development, K-12 education, cultural resistance and transgenerational trauma her question is, how can Human Rights based Education change our lives and our world? Inspired by this question she invested early in independently developing opportunities to be in ownership of her goals. As an activist and survivor of police violence and gun violence she’s committed her entrepreneurship to supporting and creating critically thinking and consciously engaged communities and organizations that can inspire transformative change.  Her commitment it to curate visions of building a crossroad between lived experiences, critical research and emotional connection to create spaces for human beings to resist oppression and take collective action.

City Arts on Pearl
233 Pearl Street #12
Hartford, CT 06103
phone: 860.284.9489
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