The Quaranteens: Decolonizing Wellness Conversation Series

Stay tuned, a short video will be released soon, that will live in the Hartford Public Library archives.

The Quaranteens: Decolonizing Wellness Conversation Series focused on facilitated conversations with CT youth around navigating wellness during the pandemic. RE-Center and the BBSU hosted a two-part webinar series to connect young people with adults practicing crisis care techniques in a candid conversation about equity, self-care, and the systems that are failing Black and POC communities. Grounding mental health in its pre-colonial history and rooted in ancestral wellness and self-care practices. Program Director of Youth Development, Sarana Beik, partnered with Ahmad Abojaradeh from Life in my Days, RE-Center staff/facilitators Chris Richardson, SabriAnan Micha, Cristher Estrada – Perez, along with support from Tamara Morris from (Encore Program at UConn) to facilitate the conversation.

Young people had the opportunity to share their wellness practices and experiences and engage in dialogue about music, media, sobriety, mental health, and transformative self-care & tools. A direct result of the program is the creation of a sharable mental/ emotional/ physical wellbeing toolkit focused on youth of color with emergency resources in Hartford, New Haven, New London, Waterbury, and Bridgeport. A wellness kit by young people for young people.

Session 1: Wellness & Mental Health.

Session 2: Self-Care Practices